Following the extraordinary outings of his 2010 debut 12"s on Phantasy Sound ('Summertime Our League' / 'Havai'), and an album and mini album in 2009/11 respectively ("Weekend"  / “Preparing a Voice to Meet the People Coming") on Perdizes Dream/Glue Moon, Sao Paolo based Babe, Terror returns with 'Knights EP' his visionary take on modern sampleapsychedelica  or wdm (wrong dance music) as he describes it, composed "under the influence of the cadence of life"



This heady stew of unsettling aural landscapes and lush, cinematic stories, have earned him the admiration of The New Yorker, Said the Gramophone, The Guardian, Coke Machine Glow and Uncut as well as the likes of Arto Lindsay, Four Tet, James Holden.


'Knights EP' invites the intrepid listener to experience Babe, Terror's deepest visions to date - 34 minutes of raw primitive drum machine beats colliding with a wild-collage of samples, hymnal vocal chants, swooning reversed guitars slathered in hiss, and slurring keyboards...  Collecting and joining sounds together with no pretentions, BT plays with his voice, fx pedals and presets until he arrives at  a place full of trippy forms, spectres and creatures - a decompositive micro-symphony.


His self confessed love for the spirit of early techno and house, punk and harsh-lo-fi, leads him to place an emphasis on the rawness of sounds, as well as remaining an 'amateur' in his creative process:  "i see myself as a musical mental traveler than a producer or composer. I make music as Babe, Terror because i always wanted to be The Beatles of my apartment."


With several more cosmic-comic compositions slated for later in the year, it's clear that 2012 will cement Babe, Terror as a vital and urgent voice in the intergalactic musical landscape





Babe Terror